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Parcel Post

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What is Maysudia parcel service?

Maysudia parcel post (also call MYB)which TWTH has signed a contract with the USPS, service in the majority of the US cross-border electricity suppliers ,such as amazon ebay and wish ect).TWTH Post's Maysudia with simple process,keep track of your package info,lets you shop without borders. Now you can buy items you couldn't get before!
Service details

> Size and weight limits
Weight must be less than 2KG. Summation of outer size of packing (Length+Width+Height) must be less than 90cm, moreover the length must be less than 60cm

> Related Tariff
General declared value of not more than 200 USD without tariffs, specific to the United States Customs policy prevail.(Division I proposal to declare 50% -80% of the value of the reasonable value of the declared value is about).

> Clients
A. packet American counterparts: China-US cross-border logistics counterparts;
B.US Amazon; ebay; wish; AliExpress and other China-US cross-border electricity supplier sellers

> Track Cargo
Track your packages from dispatch to arrival in US
https://www.usps.com/ & http://tracking.th99.com/

> No limit on sent items
Spray containers, alcohol, asbestos, butane lighters, liquid medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive materials, counterfeit money, medicines, ice, inflammable, explosive, obscene materials, more than the standard magnetic substances, organic peroxides, oxides and arms and ammunition, paint and coatings, solubility and other local laws prohibit the mailing of items.

> Shipping instructions
1.the order must be established TWTH logistics system (package information entry), and print address labels and paste the Declaration form in a system package
2.don't bring other unrelated identity, fragile proposal pasted fragile signs;
3.use English fill in the correct order, which the article name needs to be as detailed as possible, not to Gift, Sample words declare;
4.order information you can use the bulk upload Excel or through the API build order

Key Benefits Of Maysudia

-Fast & secure
All parcels will be sent by the USPS ,transport from China to the US with 4-6 business days.

-Door to door service
All Parcel consignments will be given door delivery irrespective of its weight.

-Lowest cost
Cheap shipping,give you a 20% discount.Maysudia no other fees,reporting 200 USD or less does not generate tariff

provide US warehouse,support for returned items services to meet local consumer shopping experience

-API platform
independent hit single, free use of the United States Warehouse address label printing package, forming a virtual overseas warehouse operations to the American localization

-Trace&track available
Track your packages from dispatch to arrival in US

Service charge
A. 100RMB / KG, registration fee 8RMB/ticket.
B. Maysudia minimum consumption of only 100 g, 1 dime/g, especially for mailing a large number of light weight, small size of the cargo, the price advantage is obvious, for the majority of US cross-border electricity suppliers do trade customers save a lot of logistics costs!
C. specific freight in TWTH Home query: tracking.th99.com
D. surcharge: US mail treasure no fuel surcharges, no remote surcharge
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