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We have Two locations. Our corporate headquarters is in Guangzhou China, and we have offices in Los Angeles.
If you have not registered to be our customers, please register first, the system will be assigned account manager to serve you.You can also click into the home page or click the right side of chat window for business consulting and some salesman will serve you
Business problems, please contact your account manager. The parcel query, financial and other issues, please contact customer service.
Log into the website to click the user center click on the "account manager" to view your account manager contact information
Access to the website home page, click the right side of [service] button.
Log into the user center of the website to the user account management, create the new information can be sent to customer service.
Customer service email: mandy@th99.com
1.First please visit the home page of the website then click [ REGISTER ].
2.Second fill the registration information.
3.Please safekeeping account number and password after a successful registration.
1.Please visit the home page of the website, fill the parcel information in freight budget functions, and then click the budget freight ;
2. Checking result shows the available services and cost information;
3. Click the [INTRODUCTION] can see the detail cost of various instructions.
1.[ User Center] > [Finance Management] > [Account Transfer ]
2.Choose the ways you would like to take to make the transfer online
A.the way of online transfer money will be into your account immediately
B.the way of bank transfer money will be into your account after finance checked
* Please record your Customer ID ,for that can make it fast and convenient to tarnsfer your money to your account !
** Regarding the bank transfer after six PM ,we will transfer your money to your account the next day ! Please make the prepaid money in advance or earlier in order to make the shipments out timely !
*** P lease make sure that you get the bank account from our official website ,it will be invalid transfer to other account or get the information form somewhere else ! And please double check the bank account number refer to the official website shows when you are ready to make the transfer .
1. We TWTH make the door-to-door pick-up
Currently,we provide door-to-door pick-up in Guangzhou & Shenzhen area, you need to enter the system to create the pick-up arrangement or you can contact our customer service.

2.Take the packages to our TWTH operating center
a.You can send the packages to our PFC operating center;
b.click to see our address of the operating center;

3.Through domestic Courier sent to us
If you are outside in Guangzhou & Shenzhen, then you can use domestic Courier to send parcel to us
Address:303# South of Huangbian Road,Baiyun District,Guangzhou China
Mobile phone :+86-400-8850-878
The recipient: TWTH logistics package processing center
Please indicate your customer ID on the package surface
1.One way: you can get the order number or tracking number
Delivered package, pls enter into user center>order management>shipped list to check the order tracking number and original number.

2.Another way: package query
Package information query can be in this website and the mode of transportations'official website to query.
*There is some delay in query in this website while compare to the mode of transportations'official website.
A. Query method in this website,login the website homepage,click "track your parcel" button, input tracking number or order number, click "track".

B. Query method in the mode of transportations'official website,enter into the official website,input tracking number to query. *The address for the mode of transportations'official website, pls refer to shipment method introduction.
*Before deliver the package, pls be sure to have a closer look at whether the forbidden items, cannot sure, then pls consult the online customer service or your client manager.
1. explosive: fireworks, firecracker, munitions, ammo, exploder, black powder, flash powder, flares, warning flares, nitroglycerin, rocket engines, igniter and etc.

2. Military products: gums, weapons, bullets, knives, sharp weapon and etc.

3. Check and leaflets: cash, check, counterfeit money, illegal industry related ads and flyers, gambling, fortune-telling, usury ads and etc.

4. Compressed gas: butane gas lighter fuel, diving oxygen tanks, camping out camping, butane gas, propane gas, atomizing agent, aerosol, fire extinguisher, high-pressure cylinders, mustard gas, etc.

5. Flammable liquids: lighters, lighter liquid fuel, oil, paint remover, enamel paint, dye, glue, glue, acetone, alcohol, gasoline, and gasoline additives, diluent, turpentine oil, oil extractant, naphtha, perfume, shave lotion, etc.

6. Flammable objects: calcium powder, oil immersion fabrics, igniter, matches, charcoal, magnesium, sodium, asbestos, camphor ball, nitro products, oily waste cotton, etc

7. Oxidizing substances: raw chemicals needed for the oxygen tank etc, peroxide, bleaching powder, etc

8. Toxic substances, radioactive, infectious substances: agricultural chemicals, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury preparations, harmful bacteria, etc

9. Corrosive substance: wet cell, mercury, hydrochloric acid, etc

10. Other hazardous embargo: magnetic materials, engine, dry ice, sprayer, nail polish, underwater breathing apparatus, remains or ashes, imitation, fake brand, infringing products, drugs, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, living creature (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and larvae, insects, etc.), clinical or biological specimens (including but not limited to the internal body fluids or tissues samples), perishable and need to temperature control of items (including but not limited to food, flowers, etc.), pornographic CD, tobacco, etc.; And the provisions of the international air mail cannot be mailed or limitation of all of the goods.
Only offer door to door in Guangzhou & Shenzhen area so far, if need pick up shipment by us, pls fill in the related data in our system and keep the phone in normal communication.

1. enter into the user, fill in the pick-up information

2. confirmed without fault, click button

After submitted, customer service will confirm with you the pick-up information, after confirmed, the driver will door to door on time, pls get ready to send your parcel.
TWTH logistics focus on shipments from China to the US. And we have offices here in China and in Los Angeles, USA. This allows us to provide good price with best services.
Full time about 4-6 working days from China to America
We handle domestic and international shipments with a special expertise in cross border service to United States.