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How to help the Amazon Merchant Transport car charger to the USA2016-01-19

With the development of the times, the improvement of living standards, people are the constant pursuit of quality of life, car travel has become a indispensable life tool. Car accessories, car decoration also hilarious, essential car charger courier to the United States.
Mr just in the United States opened a shop Amazon's platform, sold car charger, now the shop is still in the initial stage, only a few trickling single shipments is unlikely, but logistics there is no fixed cooperation cross-border freight forwarding companies, mostly temporary contact temporary shipping.
Mr through networking to TWTH, need to send 5KG the car charger to the United States, customer service learn goods and of Mr Kotewall's basic situation, arrange business small talk things out with Mr MA, he quotes, tell the time and mode of operation, as Romania is the product of charged products, weight 5KG, select express delivery to United States modes of transport. Customers only need to provide the recipient's details, just the same as domestic express easy.
TWTH United States Green logistics, tailored for your goods exclusive of United States express line transport, every cost savings for you.