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China To USA Which Parcel Express Is Cheaper?2016-01-19

In recent years, with overseas students, immigrants,foreign workers, tourists, business people and diplomats, more and more, the growing demand for international express . Many shipping companies have begun to start the international express business, the price is varied, the quality is uneven.So,Which Parcel Express is cheaper from Guangzhou china to US ?

Here we analyzed in several ways:

Part one:Channel

We usually express items are mostly tea, clothing, glasses, snacks, gifts, etc., many of them need to take special channels to smooth customs clearance, most of china's domestic international express delivery companies do not undertake such items, specific items may be to our official online Advisory Service . TWTH International Freight Forwarders Ltd. specialize in private goods consignment business, personal items checked on this experience, can help you check.

Part two:Service

Now,With the domestic international shipping companies start with the international mail business,many problems arise, such as bad packaging, unbreakable, and tracking system is not perfect, high rates of lost items, clearance information is not familiar, will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, could also delay time.
And TWTH International Logistics Freight Forwarders Ltd. is perfect in this respect,we have international logistics system;and DHL has years of agent cooperation relationship, and DHL of service throughout global 220 degrees a national, globalization degree highest, United States pairs shut capacity most strong, and limitation special fast, General is 3-7 days time, on can achieved delivery to door; more is most customer of preferred, and we said will more do more good, let more people feel to we professional of service.

China to US which parcel express is cheaper refer to the contents of the above aspects, of course,the TWTH international freight forwarding co; that will be your wise choice!