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Balanced car air transport to the US only 5 to 7 days ?!2016-01-19

Do you still worry about how deliver your balance cars to the US from China ? Shipping limitations make it do? Hong Kong is too expensive and want to travel protection, ageing stability, price beautiful balance car forwarding do? You know, balance air United States, TWTh air freight forwarding offers direct flights to pairs of LAX/ORD 5-7 to door service

US air cargo agents

Attention slightly, this is no longer just a lofty ideal, nor is it the art of advertising, more grounded but good news. As long as you is balance car manufacturers, trade business, procurement business,, as long as you provides export boxing single invoice, as long as you of balance car is go beauty line of, extension Granville TMSC provides Guangzhou direct United States LAX/ORD guarantees accommodation, stability stability of 5-7 a days pairs to door, price beautiful of don't don't of, 35-42 Yuan/kg ranging, also has offers discount of single Taiwan accounting price, implanted heart spell got yan value, by got strength, balance car air to United

States has following advantage:

1, twist and balance the special nature of the product, United States air line pairs of doors: 7 years of senior experience in customs clearance; clearance, advance duties, delivery door to door service;
2, pairs of the tax package to the programme: customs clearance efficiency, stable accommodation and exit;
Special channel 3, is out of danger, clearing fast, low cost.
4, wooden packing or packaging bad products or packaging secondary packaging services
5, use the whole network: same day Internet access, safe, efficient, information upload tracks, aging stable (overall 5-7 working days)

Where there is a balance of air to the United States freight forwarding? Balance can be airlifted to the United States? Balance car batteries can be air United States? Balance car exports United States need UN38.3? 7 years for United States Customs experience United States cargo dealer – TWTH, none of these problems, regular transportation success story in the stack overlay stack.